Dragon City Gems Hack Executable August 2013

Dragon City Gems Hack Executable  

Easy to use, just enter the number of gems that you want (don't forget to extract the rar before launch it). If after that you push on gems hack, nothing happen, just wait some times, don't click again.

Try to don't put to big number. 100 -1000 is ok. 

For example if you want 2000 gems, you will need to wait 500days for the next battle.

-You need to have an arena
-You need to have dragon in your pvp team
-It will increase the time until your next arena battle
-Max amount of gems it can be add in one time: 10, 000

Tools Required:

  1. Your Browser (Mozilla or Google Chrome)
2.Dragon City Gem Hack Codes.rar : Here  or Here
Steps to use this cheat:
  1. Open it all (dragon city)
  2. Find our Facebook Id and User Key
  3. Open Dragon City Hack Gem Permanent Tools
  4. Enter your Facebook Id and User Key in the column that has been provided
  5. Choose how much money you want. Do not be too much.
  6. Refresh your game.
  7. Enjoy!